Makenow Online IT Bootcamp

Reinvent  Yourself

Who We Are

We’re a Virginia-based IT training school specializing in Cloud Engineering, DevOps Engineering, Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Full Stack Development, Front End Development, Back End Development, Cyber Security, Blockchain and Web 3.0. We’ve established a practical bridge connecting the world of research and theory with emerging industry trends. In the ever-changing IT world, we continually update our versatile curriculum based on the latest advances in technology.

Collectively, we bring more than 80 years of industry experience to Makenow. Our program focuses on designing, delivering, and evaluating career-related programs for adult learners.


Our Mission

The mission of Makenow is to prepare students for rewarding IT careers through quality training programs that reflect emerging industry trends.

Our Vision

Makenow vision is to be the leader in IT career training through an innovative approach that pairs skills-based knowledge with life and career coaching.

Our Purpose

With the rise of technological innovations, automation, and robotics, machines have gradually and inevitably displaced with reliable blue-collar jobs. This steady decline in well-paying jobs has created distress among the labor workforce – especially for blue-collar workers! High-level white-collar jobs require considerable time and monetary investment to obtain the necessary degrees. There’s a growing need for professional career training in a variety of trades. While our society has a steady demand for doctors, nurses, attorneys, financial analysts, and other educated professionals, there’s also a growing need for a highly-skilled IT workforce.

The information technology industry has grown swiftly, creating a boost in salaries for individuals with in-demand skills. Higher education institutions struggle to keep up with the fast-paced innovations and challenges produced by a rapidly evolving tech culture. We’re here to fill an essential need in today’s modern world!

The purpose of Makenow is to help individuals attain practical knowledge through an affordable, effective IT training program. We give students the boost they need to improve their career paths and improve their standard of living.

At Makenow, we deploy innovative approaches — mentorship programs, peer-learning, and project-based group study methods. Our unique methodology enhances the abilities of learners by providing a fast track to become subject matter experts. Students gain the requisite classroom knowledge paired with the necessary hands-on skills demanded by our fast-paced industry.

Our Core Values

Diversity and Inclusion

Makenow welcomes students from all over the world and fosters equal participation and mutual respect.

Lifelong Learning

We promote life-long learning and knowledge retention through continuing education.

Affirmative Spirit

We promote integrity and harmonious work with pride and compassion.

Community Partnerships

We strive to create a community of partnerships through professional development involving all stakeholders.

Effective Instructional Delivery

Makenow IT training programs are designed for students who aspire to master various professional industry skills.

Learning Goals

At Makenow, we emphasize practical, career-related training based on proven learning theories, ongoing research, and effective integration of theoretical learning with real-world applications. We provide flexibility and convenience to qualified working professionals and disabled students by allowing them to pursue their coursework through an on-campus experience, online courses, or hybrid modality. We are committed to providing the most innovative, effective, and career-related IT training available today. Our process is designed to lead every student to a prosperous professional career in the emerging global marketplace.

In fulfilling our mission, Makenow graduates will earn the following skills:

  • Professional Competency
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Effective Communication & Collaboration
  • Social Responsibility & Ethical Values

Our Objectives

To pursue this mission and continuously meet the above institutional learning goals, the founders of Makenow have established the following organizational objectives:

Plan and implement IT-related training programs based on innovative, practical approaches to meet current challenges, and anticipate new solutions in an ever-changing global marketplace.

Provide effective and affordable IT training to any interested individual for their intellectual, professional, and career development irrespective of their socio-economic and geographic location. 

Provide students with ongoing career development services beyond graduation.