Importance of programming in business processes

Makenow | 11 FEB 2022

Cringe is the term that designates some attitudes of Generation Y (millennials) considered by Generation Z as "shameful". But what does this have to do with programming? Well, Generation Y grew up hearing that the job market would be dominated by robots and only those who command them would be left. In a way, this prediction was not wrong, since in large companies (and the bigger it is, the more this happens) processes tend to be automated to the maximum. With this, agility is gained and risks of operational errors are avoided due to minimal human intervention. Considering this scenario, who is one of the most valued professionals? The one who creates the automations, the programmer. No wonder it is essential, regardless of position, area or function, to know how to program. To guide your team, it is also important to know how to perform day-to-day tasks and understand internal processes. You may be asking yourself: ok, in technology companies like Google and Facebook, this context makes perfect sense, but does this apply to all large companies? The answer is yes, I will explain why. Let's start with a simple example. One of the most traditional and resilient sectors, banks (even banks?). Imagine that it is any day and a friend asks you to borrow money. Nowadays, you pick up your cell phone, open the bank application and simply carry out this operation with two or three taps on your smartphone screen. Now, let's break it down by parts. The application that you use daily (let's face it, you use many and that goes for all of them) is developed by a programmer. To get your money out of your bank account and into your friend's account, systemic communication parameters are made between origin and destination. The responsable? Again, the programmer. Still in the case of the transfer to your friend, have you ever thought that he could actually be a scammer? In case you haven't thought about it, the bank already. For this, there are areas within the company dedicated to identifying fraudulent transactions. However, if these companies hired employees to validate each transfer made and only released them once authorized by this area, it would be unfeasible. In place of this exorbitant number of employees, the knowledge of a data scientist is used (spoiler: there is a course at Let's Code ). Soon, predictive models are developed and used, capable of instantly validating thousands of transactions, in addition to verifying if they are in fact legitimate. It started to get interesting, right? The examples are numerous, but here's one more. If you have a credit card, car loan or real estate, among other forms of credit interactions with banks, there was also an indirect intervention by a programmer. To ensure that you will be a good payer, that is, comply with the agreed obligations (pay bills, financing installments, among others), there is an area dedicated to this. Its function is to develop predictive models that will give you a credit score, the grade is given based on the chance of you paying what you owe, according to the variables mentioned above, in addition to others. And who develops these models? Themselves, the programmers. Cool huh? Did you notice that with just two examples we can see the degree of performance and importance of programmers? This professional is already present in all (or most) companies. His role is fundamental to create, optimize and improve processes, regardless of the sector or size of the organization. With that in mind, Let's Code wants to help companies find good programmers to work in their companies. For this, customized solutions are built for each one according to their needs. Let's Code already has Ita├║, Santander, Bloomberg, Empiricus, among others as partners. As a result, the organization is able to achieve greater efficiency in internal processes by empowering people. Also, if you are looking for a complete training to become a programmer, I recommend checking out Let's Code Zero . A unique opportunity to take the course without paying anything! You only start paying when you are employed and earning more than 3 thousand reais. I also take the opportunity to leave the registration link for the selection process. It's free and well worth it if you have an affinity for the area. I guarantee that it is a profession with thousands of opportunities, in addition to providing an incredible professional trajectory!