Python Selenium

Makenow | 10 FEB 2022

Why learn Selenium Python?
• Open Source and Portable – Selenium is an open source and portable Web testing Framework.
• Combination of tool and DSL – Selenium is combination of tools and DSL (Domain Specific Language) in order to carry out various types of tests.
• Easier to understand and implement – Selenium commands are categorized in terms of different classes which make it easier to understand and implement.
• Less burden and stress for testers – As mentioned above, the amount of time required to do testing repeated test scenarios on each and every new build is reduced to zero, almost. Hence, the burden of tester gets reduced.
• Cost reduction for the Business Clients – The Business needs to pay the testers their salary, which is saved using automation testing tool. The automation not only saves time but gets cost benefits too, to the business.
What are the topics for Python Selenium?
• Selenium Python Introduction and Installation.
• Navigating links using get method.
• Interacting with Webpage.
• Locating single elements.
• Locating multiple elements.
• Locator Strategies – Selenium Python.
• Writing Tests using Selenium Python.
Is Selenium with Python good?
If writing tests for broad applications is your task, then both Python and Java are doing very well. But if automating simple things is your dream, then Python is the best way to automate with Selenium. Simple answer is, Selenium with Python is better than Java.

How Python is used in Selenium?
Python language is used with Selenium for testing. It has far less verbose and easy to use than any other programming language. The Python APIs empower you to connect with the browser through Selenium. Selenium can send the standard Python commands to different browsers, despite variation in their browser's design.
How does Selenium automation work internally?
To understand how Selenium automation works internally, we have to first understand the Selenium Web Driver architecture. The architecture consists of four layers:
1. Selenium Client Library/language bindings
2. JSON Wire Protocol over HTTP
3. Browser devices
4. Browsers
Why choose Selenium over other tools?
Every tool has something unique to offer. Selecting the right tool comes down to understanding what an individual or a team is trying to accomplish. So, when would you choose Selenium? For automating web applications, Selenium is the most popular and demanding tool than other testing tools. With that said, the below points will give you a clear idea of why Selenium takes first place in the world of web automation.