The Importance of a UX Designer in Your Business.

Makenow | 25 JAN 2022

User Experience, or User Experience, is the creation of artifacts aimed at delivering the best content with the best user experience. Understanding the way we think and positioning ourselves as a consumer are essential for the creation of any product or business. Therefore, the importance of a UX designer in your business is fundamental!
This professional will be the key piece that will connect the feeling of guarantee and quality to your brand. This will result in satisfied and loyal customers to your product. When we think of good products, most people immediately think of objects. Be they luxury cars, premium perfumes, designer clothes, among others. In fact, a good product is often recognized when it breaks or is lost. That is, it is something simple, intuitive and that helps you in some
Have you ever stopped to analyze Google? If so, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Extremely intuitive with only 4 components on the home screen, as seen in the image below.

The first element is an image about some commemorative theme, you must have already come across Google celebrating the World Cup or the Olympics. The second is the most important of all, it's what we all look for when we enter it, the search field. Finally, the third and fourth components are the buttons that perform your search. The only difference is that the room takes you directly to the page you are looking for.
The importance of Google in our lives is undeniable, and we are already used to searching for everything there. From products we want to buy to the definition of a word, for example. But now I ask you: if every time you wanted to perform a search, you had to access 3 different menus, click 20 times and read 5 paragraphs of text, would you still use this site?
I guess the answer is no, right? But where does UX come in? Well, it's not just about virtual elements, it's about physical products as well. You who are reading this text on your cell phone screen, how did you get to this point in the article? The answer will likely be this: you simply swiped up on your device's screen. This is another great example of good UX application.
Now that you know the importance of a UX design in your team, let's talk about where this professional can act to leverage your business! A good UX professional has interdisciplinary skills and is very interested in psychology, design, marketing, among others. When we talk about interdisciplinarity in the UX area, we refer to the importance of studying and collecting references throughout the process of creating a new project. This professional will carry out a series of studies and research with the aim of designing the best solution and also the most practical to use.
Another key point in the UX area is product accessibility. Going back to Google's example, their concern with accessibility is evident. In the Enter what you're looking for field, there are two alternative ways to enter text. The first is through the virtual keyboard, the second is by voice command.
All of this can be boiled down to a single word: empathy. A UX professional should always think about the product user regardless of who they are. With this, a good UX in your team will indirectly increase conversion rates by dealing with issues such as client navigability, layout of visual elements, ease of access to features, system responsiveness to the most diverse devices, speed system loading, among others. On the other hand, an unprepared professional can easily make your product become a meme on the internet by its users. After all, we see a lot of that, right?