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Statistical Analysis System (SAS) is an integrated system of all software products. SAS is in use by statisticians, data scientists, and other technologists for Data Analysis, Business intelligence, and Statistics. SAS can run on all platforms, let it be Windows, IBM, Linux, UNIX, or OpenVMS.


  • Providing the Graduate participants the foundational SAS training required for a highly successful career using SAS in any technical role.
  • Providing learning opportunities to develop SAS Applications and Technologies knowledge and skills.
  • Enabling the Graduate team to learn together, share common learning experiences, and drive an enriched development program to fast-track the attendees development.


Base SAS - Week1

Base SAS - Week 2 to 3

Functions & Combining Datasets

Advance SAS (SQL) - Week4

Advance SAS (Procedures) - Week5

Functions & Combining Datasets

Advance SAS Macros - Week6

SAS has a powerful programming feature called "Macros" which allows us to avoid repetitive sections of code and to use them again and again when needed.

SAS - Week 7 to 9

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